Kalamazoo Nature Center Membership & Visitor Survey
1. What is your KNC membership status? (Select One)
2. How often do you/your family visit KNC, not including camps or preschool? (Select One)
3. What is the MAIN reason or activities that bring you to KNC?
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4. When you or your family visit KNC, which of these do you visit/do? (Check each that applies)
5. Overall, how do you rate your experiences at KNC? (Select One)
6. What is the main reason(s) for how you rated your overall satisfaction?
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7. Which factors would lead you to visit KNC more frequently? (Check each that applies)
8. Which are your primary sources of information on KNC programs? (Check each that applies)
9. Which of the following potential offerings interests you/your family? (Check each that applies)
Questions 10-12 are for Members only - Visitors may skip to Question 13
10. How satisfied are you with your membership overall? (Select One)
11. How important are the following membership benefits to your choice to be a member? (Select one for each)
1 Least Important
2 Not really
3 Somewhat
4 Important
5 Very Important
Free admission to KNC
10% discount at Trailhead Gift & Books shop
Discounts for programs and special events
Reciprocal visiting privileges at participating local cultural institutions during month of May
Affiliation, supporting KNC mission
Reciprocal visiting privileges at over 200 other nature centers nationwide
Bi-monthly newsletter & e-news
Voting privileges at annual members meeting
12. What other benefits might make your membership more valuable to you?
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13. Is there anything else you wish to say about KNC and your experience?
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KNC strives to serve diverse constituencies. As part of that effort, we respectfully ask constituents to self-identify along a few demographic dimensions. These are entirely voluntary, confidential, and shared only in aggregated and anonymous form.
14. How do you identify your ethnicity? (Select all that apply)
15. When were you born?
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