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If your application is for a specific dog please let us know the dog's name.
First adult applicant name and age
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Second adult applicant mobile number. *
Second adult applicant name & age. *
Second adult applicant email address. *
Full postal address. *
Landline number. *
How many adults live in the home? (16 years +) *
How many children live in the home and what are their ages? (Under 16 years) *
Are there any visiting children and what are their ages?  N/A *
Does anyone elderly/ infirm live in the home? *
Do either of the applicants work? Please describe working hours, shifts or regular overtime. *
Do you currently own a dog(s)? If so, please describe breed, size, gender and neuter status. *
Is your dog(s) friendly and sociable with other dogs, in and outside the family home? *
What temperament of dog would you think will fit in well with your resident dog(s), i.e energetic, playful, calm... *
Prior to owning your current dog(s), has the applicant(s) had any other dogs? Please give details regarding breeds, gender, age, whether re homed or deceased. *
What experience, if any, do you have of any behavioural issues with dogs- e.g timid, aggressive, destructive behaviours, and please explain how you dealt with this? *
Do you have any other pets? Please provide details of species and numbers. *
How would you go about introducing a new dog into your home? - *
Do you plan to take out an insurance policy to cover veterinary bills? (This is not compulsory, but we need to know that the dog would receive the necessary care if they should fall ill) *
Which rooms in your home will the dog have access to? *
Where will the dog sleep at night? *
How often will the dog be walked? *
Will bad weather have an impact on the frequency or length of your dog walks?   *
Where will the dog stay whilst you are on holiday? *
Is it essential to you that a dog is fully house-trained? *
If not, how would you go about house-training? *
Do you have any plans to move house in the next six months? *
What is the maximum daily hours that your dog would be left alone?   *
If this is more than four hours, what provision have you made for the dogs care in your absence? *
Have you considered the costs associated with owning a dog (vet bills, food, kennels, vaccinations) *
Please tell us whether you own or rent your property. If it is rented can you provide written permission from your landlord to have animals on the property.   *
Please describe the location of the property, e.g rural, town centre etc. *
Is your home on a busy road? Please describe any security measures in place to ensure the dogs safety. *
Do you have a section of garden that is fully secured on all sides? *
Are there any gaps in the garden that would allow a small dog to escape? *
Is there a secure gate or other entrance to this section of your garden? *
Type of dog preferred, tick any or all that apply. *
Please add any other information that would be important to you in your choice of dog e.g child/dog/cat friendly, low moult etc. *
If required, would you be able provide a reference about your suitability to have a dog e.g veterinary nurse, dog trainer, dog walker etc. *
Please tell us how you heard about Cloud K9 Rescue *
Please confirm that you're happy for your details to be shared within Cloud K9 Rescue, I.E passing your details onto a fosterer. *
Please tick to confirm that you are happy for us to store your information.  If you are successful in adopting one of our dogs, we will need to store your information in order to help us keep in touch.  If you are not successful in adopting after 6 months we will delete your information from our records.
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