Prodigy Coffeehouse Hiring: August 2021

Welcome to Prodigy! This is an application of interest to attend a training and work at our coffeeshop near 40th & Colorado Blvd. Prodigy is a craft coffeehouse and apprenticeship. We hire young adults 18-24 years old from who are not finding success or engagement in the traditional job market or school. Wage is approximately: $18.50/hour (this includes tips), with opportunities for raises.

How it works: Provide info in the application below. If you fit our profile, you will be contacted and invited to attend the Pre-Employment Training. Our next round of training will be held in August 4-5 2021 during the day, approximately 6 hours per day.

Complete the training and receive $100, along with opportunity to work at Prodigy Coffeehouse, starting in August 2021.

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