Weyfarers Competency Test (Version 2)
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Who is responsible for your safety? *
What items of clothing are essential in cold weather?
Check all that apply
What should you do in the event of a capsize?
Check all that apply
Why should you stay with the boat?
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When coxing, which side of the river should you be on?
If you are overtaking / being overtaken, what should you do?
Check all that apply
When pushing off from the club pontoon:
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When turning elsewhere on the river
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River conditions
Who is allowed to boat on yellow boards?
Types of rowing
Name three advantages of sculling compared to sweep-oar rowing for beginners?
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Equipment - safety checks
Name 4 items on the boat and blades which you should check before going afloat
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Steering the boat
If you want to turn sharply to the right, what should you do? Select 2
Launching and recovering the boat
Which way should the bows point when going in and out from the landing stage?
Coxing commands
If the cox shouts "Hold it up!" while you are rowing, what should you do?
Who should you tell if you have a collision with a motor boat? Select 1 or more of the following
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