Ganbatte Mini Con 2023 Alternative Fashion Show Application
This is the application to model for the Ganbatte Mini Con 2023 Alternative Fashion Show by cybr.grl at Sportsman's Park Southlawn in Glendale, Arizona on April 22nd 2023 (exact time of fashion show TBA soon).

This is a fashion showcase which means that you will be wearing YOUR OWN CLOTHING to represent different alternative fashion styles. Alternative fashion includes J-Fashion styles such as lolita, decora, fairy kei, gyaru, visual kei, etc. and other alt fashion like goth, steampunk, raver, pretty much every alternative style from all over the globe is welcome! You can check out our previous alt fashion showcases on these posts to get an idea about what this is all about and how this fashion show will be like: and 

All sizes and genders are welcome to apply!

After being accepted, models will be contacted through email with detailed information about the show, rehearsal, and meeting times. Models will be walking on a stage in their own alternative fashion outfit and an MC will be explaining what style they are wearing and information about it (you can list down below what you would like the MC to say about your style and outfit below). Models are REQUIRED to have a ticket to the event which are available at: 

Application DEADLINE is on April 20th, 2023 at 9pm MT.

Name (this is what will be read to introduce you) *
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Phone Number
What style will you be wearing/representing? *
A description of the style that you are wearing and an explanation about your outfit (this is what will be read after introducing you and as you walk on the stage. this can be an explanation about the style that you are wearing to those who might be new to alternative fashion, the history behind your style, the brands that you are wearing, the inspiration behind your outfit, etc. ) *
Link to Instagram (optional, to tag you in any pictures posted)
Thank you for your time and application! :)
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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