Impact of Covid19 on Churches
This is an unofficial and informal survey to explore the extent to which Baptist Churches might be adversely affected by the current Coronavirus lockdown and possible future lockdowns. it is completely anonymous. Its general purpose is to attempt to establish an overview of the extent to which churches might need to apply for the assistance of Home Mission Grants as a result of the financial impact of Covid19. It relates primarily to ordinary churches and is not designed to apply to pioneering situations.

There are seven questions exploring different scenarios which offer a framework to consider the financial impact of the current crisis on church life. There is a final box to offer freeform comments.

The survey will be posted online in various places and it would be helpful if there was only one response from any church.

I will share the outcome of the survey online in due course.

I will be very happy to discuss the topic on Facebook or by email at
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1. Assuming lockdown restrictions continue to be lifted and regulations allow, and there is no "second spike" of Covid19 cases, when do you imagine your church worship services might resume?
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2. Assuming lockdown restrictions continue to be lifted and regulations allow, and there is no "second spike" of Covid19 cases, by when do you imagine the majority of your regular church activities other than your worship services might have resumed?
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3. Most churches will have experienced a reduction in income during lockdown, due e.g. to reduced offerings or to a loss of rental income or trading income (e.g. from a cafe). Compared to a year ago, has your church income changed?
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4. Some churches could hope that their income will return to previous levels when lockdown is lifted and their activities can all resume. Others may recognise that their income may never return to previous levels (e.g. because rental income may not return, or some income-generating activities may never resume, or bereavements in the church will reduce income). What are your church's expectations when life returns to "the new normal"?
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5. For this question please assume lockdown restrictions continue to be lifted and that there is no "second spike" of Covid19 cases, Many churches will have been using up some of their reserves during the period of lockdown. Each church will have its own Reserves Policy as the lower limit of reserves it need to maintain. If your church has been using up reserves during lockdown and continues to do so, in the light of your answers to the previous questions, how long do you estimate your reserves will last before you get down to the Reserves Policy buffer?
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6. For this question please consider the possibility that some time in the next 12 months a "second spike" of Covid19 occurs which leads to a lockdown of essentially the same pattern as this one. Using the previous questions as a guide, please consider the impact which a second lockdown might have on your church's finances. Do you think that a second lockdown would have a serious impact on your church finances?
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7. In the light of the questions above, how likely do you think it is that your church will need the support of a Home Mission Grant in the next few years.
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8. Please add any comments relating to the financial impact of Covid19 on Baptist churches.
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