Volunteer to help students and teachers at kids' Winter Wonderland Shop
Red students who return their money envelope for winter wonderland shopping will be escorted in groups to do their shopping, then return to class. We need parent volunteers to help manage the shop and escort students to and from classrooms. THANK YOU so much for volunteering your time!
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Volunteer Wed, Dec 5, 7am-10am
Volunteer Wed, Dec 5, 10am-1pm
Volunteer Wed, Dec 5, 1pm-3pm
Volunteer Thurs, Dec 6, 7am-10am
Volunteer Thurs, Dec 6, 10am-1pm
Volunteer Thurs, Dec 6, 1pm-3pm
Volunteer Fri, Dec 7, 7am-10am
Volunteer Fri, Dec 7, 10am-1pm
Volunteer Fri, Dec 7, 1pm-3pm
Volunteer Sat, Dec 8, 8am-10:30am
Volunteer Sat, Dec 8, 10:30am-1pm
Volunteer Sat, Dec 8, 1pm-3pm
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