Adoption Questionnaire
This form and a consultation with a Cat Team 7 representative are designed to help you find the cat most compatible with your lifestyle. Completion of this application does not guarantee adoption of a cat. Please respond to the questions below as completely as possible.

In order to be considered as an adopter you must:
1. Be 21 years of age or older
2. Have a valid driver’s license or other government-issued ID
3. Have the knowledge and consent of your landlord if renting
4. Be willing and able to provide proper care, training and medical treatment

By completing this questionnaire you certify that the information entered is true and understand that false information will result in nullification of this adoption.
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Email Address
Occupation - List all if multiple adopters
Employer(s) Address(es)
Number of Adults in Household
Number of Children in Household  / Ages of Children
Are all the adults in your household aware that you are adopting a cat and in agreement?
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Who will be the primary caregiver in the household? *
Is any household member allergic to cats?
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Do you rent your home?
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Landlord's Name and Phone Number (if renter)
Why do you want a cat?
What qualities are you looking for in your new cat?
Which of the following behaviors would be serious problems for you?
How many hours each day will the cat be without human companionship?
Where will the cat be kept? *
Do you have a dog door that leads outside? *
Will you have the cat declawed? *
Is this your first cat? *
Have you ever turned a pet into a shelter or “live released” a pet? *
If Yes, please explain:
If you travel who will care for the animal(s)? *
How much are you willing to spend on medical bills?  What would you do if the bills go over this amount? *
Are you ready to take responsibility for this cat for 15-20 years? *
What provisions will you make for the cat should you become unable to take care of it?
Have you previously applied to adopt from Cat Team 7? *
If yes, when and explain
Have you ever relinquished or returned a cat to Cat Team 7? *
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Do you currently have any pets? *
Are your pets spayed / neutered?
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Are your pets current on their vaccines?
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If applicable, Please list all current pets (name, breed, age, gender, years owned)
Please list any former companion animals (age, breed, years owned, what happened?)
Name and phone number of your veterinarian
How did you hear about Cat Team 7?
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