Learnika iCode at Woodside Elementary (Spring 2017)
iCode teaches coding in a fun and supportive environment. We cover the fundamentals used in all programming languages – sequences, loops, variables, conditionals, functions, events – with Scratch, an easy to use language that encourages creative exploration and self-paced learning. Students learn through class lessons and individual guidance as they create their own animations, stories, games, and other projects in Scratch. New and returning students are welcome. Experienced students will be held to higher expectations and cover topics in additional depth.
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Registration Prerequisites
- 3rd - 5th grade
- Ability to read fluently and independently at a 3rd grade level
- Ability to use mouse and keyboard comfortably and type complete sentences without help

Please assess your child's readiness for the class as accurately as possible. Students who do not meet the stated prerequisites will be asked to leave the class to ensure the best experience for everyone. Refunds are not possible in this case because a spot may be denied to an eligible student.
There will be no class on school minimum days, staff development days, and holidays.

1. Open to grades 3rd - 5th  (please review all prerequisites).
2. Tuition: $195 for 7 classes
3. Tuition is paid at or before the first week and will not be refunded after April 25th.
4. Enrollment is limited. Please register early to save your space.
Student Name *
Date of Birth *
Grade *
Please do not sign up your child if their grade is not listed, registration will be denied
Parent/Guardian Name(s) *
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Please ensure a parent/guardian can be reached during after school hours in case of emergency or late pickup
Specific Health Information
Instructions on medication needs, allergies, and other important information
For more information or other after school programs, please call 650.248.2800, email info@learnika.com, or visit www.learnika.com/coding.

Payment options:
1. Mail payment to: Learnika, 572 College Ave, Palo Alto, CA 94306
2. Call to pay by credit card: 650-248-2800
Parent / Guardian Permission
I hereby give consent for my child to participate in the Learnika iCode after-school program at Woodside Elementary for the Spring 2017 trimester. For the protection of your child, Learnika iCode has a sign in/sign-out policy for all classes. Please note that your child must be picked up by an adult after class, or the teacher must be notified in writing or by email authorizing the child to sign him/herself out of class and leave unsupervised. In consideration of participation in this program, I hereby indemnify and hold harmless and release Learnika, the Woodside Elementary School District, PTA, City of Woodside, its agents, and its employees and volunteers from any and all liability for injury suffered by myself or my child arising from or connected with this program. I assume all risk for any injuries. Learnika reserves the right to dismiss students without refund if either the student or parents interfere with the smooth operation of the program. I hereby grant Learnika full rights to copyright, exhibit, and publish in any medium including, but not limited to, editorial illustration, promotion, advertising, Internet, or trade all photographs taken by Learnika and its staff of my child during Learnika class sessions.  By submitting this form, I am agreeing to the terms stated.
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