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A Unique Employability , Entrepreneurship and Innovation Ecosystem for Women

Prayaana is an exclusive finishing school and career support mission for women who wish to make an impact in the world. Prayaana gives wholesome career support services right from Career counseling, training, mentoring and recruitment services under one umbrella.

Prayaana Fellowship is a specialized Career competency program which will provide qualified girls and woman after career break with personalized career coaching, training in business skills and leadership orientation needed to get placed in good firms in entry-level/ mid-level positions or to start a new Technology business or innovation project.

Prayaana Fellowship is currently offered to women after career break / girl students undergoing graduation / post-graduation.

Prayaana Fellowship is NOT a Job guarantee scheme or technical training center. We are enablers for all aspirational women to become leaders in their field.

All successful candidates will become 'Prayaana fellows'. Fellows get continuous career support apart from various other member benefits.

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