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*#15AFAME is Created,Produced,Edited,& Hosted by Steve Courtney A.K.A. @stevecourtney79. We are proudly in alliance with MyGamingCareerLLC,DNRCREW,GamerBornUK,& Insomnia Gaming Network. By completing this submission form you are authorizing Steve Courtney,15AFAME,& their affiliates to broadcast/share your content as part of our online program. Your content will only be used for the sole purposes of promoting your work/channel,& you will be properly credited.
To further assist you 15AFAME & it's affiliates will actively share each segment on our various social media accounts. As such,you are in agreement not to submit any copyright claims against 15AFAME,Steve Courtney,or any of their affiliates for featuring/promoting your submitted content.*
If you have any further questions,or concerns,please feel free to contact us directly anytime via email or social media at: stevekeenan79@gmail.com or via social media: https://twitter.com/stevecourtney79 also https://twitter.com/15AFAME_ (On Twitter) & at https://www.mygamingcareer.com/index.php/SteveCourtney79/ on mygamingcareer.com
If you'd like to directly submit your video to be featured on #15AFAME,you can also submit via email or dropbox at the following address: stevekeenan79@gmail.com
* Please insure that all emailed/dropbox submitted videos are in MP4 Format *

#15AFAME Series Links :
YouTube Channel Link: https://www.youtube.com/c/15AFAME
Twitch Channel Link: http://twitch.tv/15afame

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