Flat Track Fever 2019 Team Application
Flat Track Fever 2019 is looking for 3 WFTDA teams ranking in the top 60 who will get 3 sanctioned games each and 1 WFTDA team ranking between 150 and 300 which will get two sanctioned and one regulation game. The tournament has applied to be in the WFTDA Recognized Tournaments Program.

Flat Track Fever takes place May 10-12, 2019 in Calgary, Alberta at the Acadia Recreation Complex (The ARC).

Teams filling in this application will be sent a copy of the contract. Important dates to remember are:
* Teams return signed contract due date January 15, 2019 (contracts may be returned electronically)
* Team application fee of $450 CAD due January 25, 2019
* No refund date February 14, 2019
* Teams announced to the public February 14, 2019
* Rosters due April 9, 2019 (online form)

For more information please email info@chinookcity.ca.
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