UCLA Green Events Certification Application
Welcome to the UCLA Green Events Certification Application! This application will determine your eligibility to earn a UCLA Green Event Certification. It will also help you identify sustainable green event practices. Follow along and begin answering questions.

Upon certification, a Green Event Seal graphic is awarded for you to promote alongside your event. Including the seal on your promotional materials shows participants that you have met the campus’ event sustainability requirements. Thank you for helping UCLA foster a culture of environmental awareness and implement more eco-friendly practices.
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1. Will you be using sustainable centerpieces? (Category: Décor)
i.e. potted plants, fresh fruit baskets, and/or reusable rented items
2. Are the flowers/plants for your event organic and/or locally grown? (Category: Décor)
We encourage you to purchase locally grown flowers/plants. We also encourage you to offer your flowers/plants as centerpieces for your guests at the end of the event.
3. What type of supplemental lighting are you adding to this event? (Category: Décor)
4. What type of table covers are you using at your event? (Category: Décor)
5. Will you be using recyclable and/or reusable items for decorations? (Category: Décor)
i.e. reusable banners, flags, ribbon streamers, paper pom-poms, or paper lanterns
6. Will you be saving paper by doing event registration and promotion electronically? (Category: Communication & Supplies)
7. What type of handouts, signage and name badges will your event provide? (Category: Communication & Supplies)
8. Will all unavoidable printing be done double-sided on post-consumer recycled paper? (Category: Communication & Supplies)
FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) Certified papers are certified through a third party certification process that assures that forests are being managed to the highest environmental and social standards. Post-consumer waste is the waste resulting from our disposal into the recycling bin (different from pre-consumer waste, which is the waste left over in the manufacturing process, which can be reintroduced into the process). Look PCW content of 30% or higher.Chlorine is used in the pulp and paper industry to bleach papers, which degrades the aquatic environment.
9. Will you be serving sustainable food and beverages at your event? (Category: Food & Beverage)
Sustainable food is defined as food and beverage purchases that meet one or more of the criteria listed below: •Locally Grown •Locally Raised, Handled, and Distributed •Fair Trade Certified •Domestic Fair Trade Certified •Shade-Grown or Bird Friendly Coffee •Rain forest Alliance Certified •Food Alliance Certified •USDA Organic •AGA Grass fed •Pasture Raised •Grass-finished/100% Grass fed •Certified Humane Raised & Handled •Cage-free •Protected Harvest Certified •Marine Stewardship Council •Seafood Watch Guide “Best Choices” or “Good Alternatives”
10. What type of dishes and utensils will you be using? (Category: Food & Beverage)
11. Will you be using a campus caterer and other on-campus resources in an effort to avoid driving and save on fuel? (Category: Food & Beverage)
Other on-campus resources include Events Office Rentals for tables, chairs, tents, linens, etc., and Audio Visual Services for sound equipment
12. In an effort to conserve food, will the quantity of food ordered reflect the final count of registered guests and not exceed that amount? (Category: Food & Beverage)
13. What strategies will you use to minimize individual packaging? (Category: Food and Beverage)
14. If bottled water is necessary, will you be encouraging participants to bring their own water bottles or providing refillable water coolers? (Category: Food & Beverage)
15. Will you be taking excess food home or donating it to a local shelter? (Category: Food & Beverage)
16. Will you be encouraging participants to use sustainable transportation? (Category: Transportation & Accommodations)
17. If you have guests traveling to UCLA from a significant distance, will you be providing them with information on University accommodations and/or directing them to eco-friendly hotel options near campus? (Category: Transportation & Accommodations)
For University accommodations have guests logon to http://www.uclameetings.com. For eco-friendly hotels near campus have them logon to http://www.ecogreenhotel.com.
18. Do you have a waste collection plan for your event that includes recycling and/or composting? (Category: Waste Management)
19. Will you provide signage for each waste bin (compost, recycling, and trash) and/or volunteers directing attendees to the correct waste bin? (Category: Waste Management)
20. BONUS: Will you commit to having your event be a zero waste to landfill event? (Category: Waste Management)
Any additional sustainable features of your event?
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