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Welcome to join Social Innovation Design (SI.DLab)!

SI.DLab is a FREE design-doing/creative citizen-training programme organised by Enable Foundation, a non-profit social design agency and funded by Hong Kong Government’s Social Innovation and Enterprise (SIE) Fund.

This 3-weekend workshop on Dementia is a special version designed for students of the University of Hong Kong. It is collaboration between Enable Foundation and Sau Po Centre on Ageing, HKU.

Where will we be in 40 years?
In 2016, just two out of every 100 people in Hong Kong are over 80 years old, but in 40 years that figure will jump to an alarming 10 out of every 100. By then, among the Hongkongers over the age of 80, at least a third of them are expected to suffer dementia, according to government’s projection. The current dementia population is already estimated to number more than 100,000 people.

Immersing Ourselves into the World of Dementia
This SI.DLab on Dementia aims to train HKU students to immerse themselves into the world of dementia and co-create with patients and senior citizens on developing ageing innovation to tackle dementia for future Hong Kong.

All HKU students are welcome!

- 14 Jan 2018 – Sunday Briefing at 2pm
- 20-21 Jan 2018 – Weekend of co-creation with patients with dementia and their family
- 27 Jan 2018 – Saturday idea presentation 2pm

- Gain new perspective and insights into Ageing, Design and Social Innovation
- Learn to explore critical social issues through creativity
- Experience innovative methodology of immersion and co-creation
- Create ideas for future development on academic research, social innovation and entrepreneur

Feedback from participants after the SI.DLab programme
- Increased understanding of ageing innovation through design-doing-thinking
- Great experience to rethink the social and economic values of academic disciplines for social impact

The University of Hong Kong and other related venues

English with Cantonese

It is FREE!

Monday 8 Jan, act now to secure your place!

Please contact Enable Team at

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Enable Foundation is a non-profit social design agency with aim to co-design creative solutions with citizens for our future selves. Using action research and social-design- doing methodology,Enable Foundation 1 st public project, Social Innovation Design Lab (SI.DLab) is funded by SIE Fund researching, designing and implementing disruptive innovative solutions to address our ageing issues.

啟民創社是一個非營利的社會設計組織,旨在與市民共同設計, 為我們的未來創造解決方案。社會創新設計實驗(SI.DLab)使用行動研究和社會設計方法論,由社創基金資助,旨在研究,設計和實施顛覆性的創新方案,以解決我們的老齡化問題。

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