Glasgow Doors Open Days Festival 2021 - Participant Expression of Interest Form
Thank you for your interest in Glasgow Doors Open Days Festival. This year we are inviting expressions of interest to start a conversation about what you would like to do during the festival this year. You can find information on our website to help you answer the two questions below. Should you wish to discuss your ideas with the coordinator before submitting, please get in touch at
Email address *
Full name *
Phone Number *
Name of Building/Trail/Digital Event *
In no more than 250 words, please explain what you plan to do. This could be an open building, with details of what visitors will be invited to do and learn about. Tell us about a trail that you would like to lead around the city or tell us about a digital event, such as a Zoom webinar which you would like to offer. Remember if you are opening a building you must also have a digital offering, such as a video, image gallery, digital trail or PDF that can be shared via the Glasgow Doors Open Days Website. You are also welcome to apply with your building with a digital only offering. *
How does you event relate to the festival theme, 'Sustainable Communities'? You will find more information on the festival theme on our website.
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