Registration of interest for aspiring to styrIT
Here you can register an interest in participating in the aspiration for styrIT and / or think that you might want to apply to styrIT.
Data Processing
The "IT student division" refers to the organization with the legal name "Teknologsektionen Informationsteknik" and org. number 857209-9524 based in Sweden.

The IT student division will process your data.

The collection and processing refers to the activity: Aspiration for styrIT, spring 2020

Identifying data such as name, nickname and email is collected to uniquely identify your data and to contact you with matters regarding this processing and these activities. What you answer on questions such as what you want to get from the aspiration and wether or not you wish to participate in a physical aspiration or not will be used to make sure that the aspiration is as good as it can be for as many as possible.
This data will be removed at the latest on the 1/6 2020.

Aggregated data such as the number of registrations as well as what you write if you do not wish to aspire or apply for the board will be saved for statistical purposes and to further the IT student division's future function.
This data will be anonymized to protect the data owner's integrity.
This data will be kept until the IT student division decides that it can no longer further their future function.

You, as the data owner, have the right to correct your data and have it removed at request. You may request an extract of all data the IT student division has about you. In case of dissatisfaction with the processing, you have the right to complain to the Swedish Data Inspection Authority (Datainspektionen).

If you have any questions or want to exercise your rights you can contact:
The board of the IT student division:
The data audit group at the IT student division:
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