Incoming Kindergarten Parent Survey
In order for us to provide balanced classrooms that accommodate all students, we’d like some information from you. Please read through the survey below and answer questions as accurately as possible.
Student Last Name *
Student First Name *
What name does your child go by?
Gender *
My child likes to learn. *
My child can sit and concentrate on one task for 15 minutes. *
My child is able to listen contently to a story from beginning to end. *
My child stays interested in self-chosen activities for... *
My child is happy and positive. *
My child makes friends easily. *
My child plays with and gets along with friends
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My child separates easily from a parent. *
Parent Volunteer Availability (if weekly, we need volunteers, M-Th 9:45-11:15) *
My child is generally... *
Choose all that apply. (504, Resource, Special Day Class, English Learner, None if all are N/A or if you are unsure) *
Student should be separated from... (optional, we keep a running list from year to year)
List any additional information you'd like us to know about your child when making a class placement.
Previous School and Daycare Experience (check all that apply) *
If yes to pre-school or daycare, where did they go to school? Are there any concerns or peer conflicts that we should be aware of? *
Are you interested in picking up your child after the academic day ends at 11:20 (before lunch) each day, rather than having them stay until 1:00? *
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