Drum Programming
Beat Bars asks for your help in reviewing its latest product idea. 

By completing this survey, you will help us learn how we can continue to deliver value to music creators, drummers. 

We hope to facilitate your work, and for this we need the help of music industry specialists. 

What is your music profile? 

What type of music genres are you interested in?
How do you create / program rhythms currently?
What format of instrument plug-ins do you use?
What plug-ins / instruments do you use for sounds? 

Do you use MIDI, and if so, how?
Do you edit drum loops, patterns? 

Drum Mapping (MIDI drum notes):
How do you create most often?
Is it easy to make changes in drum programming? 

Do you buy ready-to-use MIDI loops / patterns?
Would you like the software to support multi-level loops? 

Does the layout of a step sequencer suit you (with individual drums in separate rows)?
In the tracks you create, are the tempos:
In the tracks you create, is time signature (measure):
What kind of sounds of samples are you looking for? 

Do you exchange music, created loops on music forums / groups? 

What colour (theme) of the software do you prefer? 

How much money are you able to spend on an application for creating beats? 

What else do you think would be useful for you in creating beats? What would make it easier for you to work on music? 

Your answer
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