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All references must be either a Supervisor of your respective department or highly respected whitelisted members of the community.
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Understanding your position and duty
By completing this form, you are in subject to the rules. You WILL FOLLOW ALL LAWFUL DIRECTIVES from all supervisors/senior officers in your command structure. Your character is to be registered in the CAD.
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If you are a recruit or have recently applied for one check "Yes".
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Do you understand that breaking any rules while on duty and/or USING any intelligence to gain the upper hand will land you in termination and up to a Community Strike 2 depending on if you also broke server rules? *
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NOTICE: You may not ever hear back from us about your application. Assume your application has been denied after no response for two weeks. You may apply again another two weeks AFTER the first two, making it four from when you applied.
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