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Application for Rocky Mountain College Residence Hall Association. As noted, you may apply for more than one of the positions listed.
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Executive Board Positions
President: The President is the person in charge of the campus RHA. They work very closely with the RHA advisor. This person conducts the meetings as well as serve on committees that are formed by the RHA Executive Board. This person is one whom other members of the RHA can go for information or assistance. This position requires a person that can work well with the diverse members/students involved in RHA to aid in the resolution issues in enhancing the on-campus experience. Ideally, this person will build strong relationships with ASRMC and other campus organizations.

Vice President of Business: The VP of Business is the RHA financial guru. This person is responsible for maintaining accurate records, developing and maintaining budgets, resolving financial concerns, and work very closely with all members of the RHA to keep accounts in good standing. He/she needs to be attentive to details, good with numbers, and able to meet specific deadlines. Along with those duties, this position is also in charge in keeping current and accurate minutes of RHA meetings.

Vice President of Programming: The Vice President of Programming is responsible for providing leadership to the programming committee to host campus wide activities for residence hall students. The Vice President of Programming should be an individual with novel ideas, energy, enthusiasm, and the know-how to get things done. This position strives to work with other offices on campus in order to better help our residents learn about the resources available to them.

Vice President of Marketing: The Vice President of Marketing is responsible for the creation, editing, printing, and distribution of the RHA portion of the campus newsletters. They help promote and advertise RHA events and activities on campus and throughout the community. They work closely with the Vice President of Programming to provide and advertise wonderful programs for the entire residence hall community. Creativity is a must! Along with those duties, this position is responsible for maintaining the RHA webpage as well as social media postings.
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