RENEW! Feedback Form
A brief evaluation for participants in the February 26, 2017 event held at Zumbro Lutheran Church.
Was RENEW! a good use of your time on Sunday, February 26?
Not a good use of time
Great use of time
Do you feel more equipped to have challenging conversations as a result of attending this learning event?
Do you have any specific feedback for any of the presenters (Bishop Steven Delzer, Rev. Eva Jensen, or Rev. Peter Soli)?
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Do you have any specific feedback you'd like to share with the planning team of this event?
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Would you be interested in being on a planning team for future synod events?
Was it helpful to have the option of having a Conference Assembly meeting following RENEW! this year?
This event has historically been held on Sunday afternoons. Which day of the week works better for your schedule?
Please reflect on your small group experience in terms of group size, question format, and time allotted.
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This question is specifically for the 40 small group facilitators. Please reflect on your experience as a facilitator. What went well? What could have gone better?
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Are you interested in being trained as a focused conversation facilitator? (If you answer "yes," please be sure to answer the next two questions.)
What is your name and the name and city of your home congregation? (optional)
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