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Please use this form to suggest or request datasets for Giraffe Geo to add to the dataset catalog.

The data must be intended for general free use by the organization providing it with the only requirement being, at most, an attribution. If the data set could be of interest to at least several different users, Giraffe Geo will make the effort to add it to the dataset catalog.

Giraffe Geo will work with you to determine all of the appropriate metadata and develop useful descriptions for the dataset by sending email responses and asking you to update your response, which this Google Form facilitates.
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One to five sentences; may link to a further description elsewhere. This text will be used in the Giraffe Geo dataset catalog.
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For example, 2016 population county estimates.
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Must be a valid url for a file or a directory containing files. If the file is a shapefile, give the url for the .shp file and we'll get the rest.
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Please provide a source organization attribution if required and provided by source.
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