LTU Expo Panelist Application
Do you have a bright idea or event you want to bring to life? Do you want to share your knowledge or run an interactive event with others?

Panels are presentations given on a variety of subjects from anime, gaming, dancing, costuming, and more! Your panel can be anything from a video game you are passionate about to a Kpop Dance Tutorial where you teach everyone your moves! Some examples of panels may include: Anime Subs vs. Dubs, Fandom Discussions, How to Make Cosplay Armor, Plus Size Cosplaying, and more! Panel types include discussions, workshops/how-tos, and game shows/trivia.

If you are interested in hosting a panel for LTU Expo, keep in mind a few things.

>You may choose 1 hour, 1.5 hour, or a 2 hour slot!
>Please specify what type of panel you want to run and any special setups. For example, a dance workshop may require extra space and no chairs.
>Panels will be reviewed and acceptance letters sent out once reviewed by a panel team.

If you have any questions please email the LTU Expo President Emily Auten at or email


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