UofA Medical Student PPE Drive - Potential Donations
University of Alberta Medical Students want to hear from you!

We are a group of emergency residents and medical students from the University of Alberta that are hoping to raise awareness and drive potential donations of gloves/masks/N-95 masks to the front-line of the COVID-19 pandemic in Edmonton, AB.

As I’m sure most of you are aware, Canada (as well as the rest of the world) is facing a large-scale public health crisis with the COVID-19 pandemic. This has so far resulted in a lot of challenges on a professional and societal level – challenges that are new to us as students, physicians, and healthcare workers in general.

One of the largest challenges we are currently running into on the frontlines is the potential for supply issues with regards to personal protective equipment (PPE). This is because of the massive influx of potential COVID-19 cases coming through the doors of the ED. The CDC currently recommends the following for any COVID-19 suspected patient encounter:

• Respirator or Facemask (N95 fitted respirators are recommended over simple surgical facemasks)

• Eye protection (in the form of safety goggles, disposable face shields)

• Gloves

• Isolation gowns

On its own, the list may not seem so cumbersome. But, take into account:

A) the number of staff (nurses, RTs, OT/PT, porters, physicians etc.) entering a patient’s room.

B) the number of individual room entries each staff makes (these are disposable products which require donning and doffing on each room entry).

C) the number of ?COVID-19 cases now coming through as community spread becomes a larger issue in Alberta and Canada.

Canadian ERs are facing potential supply issues, thus potentially creating an unsafe environment for our frontline staff that is not sustainable as we continue to enter the more advanced stages of this pandemic in Canada.

With the above in mind, there are numerous privatized healthcare (ophthalmology, dermatology, ENT, etc...) offices, dental offices, construction offices, tattoo/body art shops, and aesthetic businesses throughout the Edmonton area that have access to these vital pieces of equipment. Given the large-scale shutdown of some of these offices, we hope to be able to reach out and hear about any amount of supplies that may be otherwise sitting around!

We are currently simply seeking information about potential PPE donors - we are in close contact with AHS infection prevention and control who have demonstrated interest in our initiative! Once we gain full approval from them, we will discuss potential collection!

PLEASE leave us an email or phone number you can be reached at if you have any donations to offer! We will be in touch!
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