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Friday, September 23: “Top 5 Things to Know for Grant and Fellowship Success”
Lunch workshop for graduate students coordinated by Nancy Devino (Office of VPGEFD).
Friday, October 14: "East Asian Studies"
with Brian Woodall, Shatakshee Dhongde (Economics), “Multi-dimensional Deprivation: Evidence from Vietnam,” Kyoko Masuda (Modern Languages) “Innovation comes to my Japanese Extensive Reading Course,” and Dalton Lin (Nunn School) “Can-Kicking in International Relations: Parallel Self-Interest, Behind-the-Scene Diplomacy, and Lessons from China's Rapprochement”
Friday, October 28: "How to Use Different Digital Humanities/Social Science Tools"
with Peter Brecke
Friday, November 18: "Cybersecurity"
with Milton Mueller, Mustaque Ahamad, Karl Grindal, Tarun Chaudhary, Hans Klein, and Seymour Goodman
Friday, December 2: "21st Century Liberal Arts"
with Jacqueline Royster
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