Need Extension for APT/Assignment in CompSci 101 Fall 2023
EVERYONE gets four free 2-day extensions that can be used on Assignments or APTs,  EXCEPT they cannot be used on the last two assignments: Assignment 7 or Assignment 8. 

Fill out this form if you need an extension for work (assignment or APTs) in this course because: 
1) You want to use one of your free extensions.
2) You are too sick to do the work. If you are sick you must also fill out the Duke Incapacitation form as well.
3) You are an athlete traveling.
4) Some other reason that you warrant should be excused. 

All extensions are for two days (48 hours) past the grace day.  For example, if an activity is due on the 17th of this month, with a grace day on the 18th, then the new deadline is the 20th.

If you have an extreme case and need a longer extension you must also email and talk with Violette Walker ( immediately after filling out this form. For extensions of just 48 hours, you do not need to email her.

There are NO forms/extensions for Classwork,  Labs, or Sakai Quizzes. We assume everyone may miss a day or two for those for some reason. We will drop some points for each of those at the end of the semester.  See the syllabus for their policy.

If your laptop is broken, you can ask Duke for a loaner or use the computers in the clusters on campus and login to the VM. See instructions for logging in to the VM on the resources tab. The VM has PyCharm.

Once you've completed the form, take the extension. When we finally get around to grading, only then will we review your request and determine its validity. If deemed invalid, late penalties will be applied to assignments, or a score of 0 will be assigned for APTs (which can't be submitted late). If you are not sure if your reason is valid, please email Violette Walker (

If you are requesting an extension for a programming assignment, know that the autograder automatically applied a late penalty. When grading, if your extension is valid, then we will remove the late penalty so it won't affect your grade. 

We will only reach out to you if your request was not accepted. If we somehow miss grading your work because you turned it in late, then fill out the regrade request form and mention that we should check this form.

NOTE: Everybody has tests, assignments, and papers in other courses. Asking for an extension because you have a lot of work or tests in your other courses is not a valid reason for an extension. However you could use one of your FREE extensions in this case.

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If you are ready to turn in an assignment and gradescope has that assignment turned off, email Violette Walker (
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