Affordable Workspace in Harlem for Creatives
Do you have difficulty finding affordable rehearsal space? Are existing workspaces sufficient?  Could NYC use more affordable workspaces? Would you patronize a facility located in the neighborhood of Harlem?  This survey is to hear direct from you creatives (creatives are defined as singers, musicians, dancers, actors, photographers). The survey features 20 questions taking approximately 3 minutes to complete.

The survey is conducted by Monica "MamaSoul" Williamson, an indie Soul music ambassador, co-producer/host of Musical Pathways Internet Radio Show, and founder of business start-up Signature Rehearsal Labs (SRL).

Your feedback is greatly appreciated and valued. Feel free to contact MamaSoul at: Please share survey with fellow creatives via:
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1. Which borough do you reside? *
2. What is your creative profession or passion? Check all at apply. *
3. If a musician which genre(s) of music do you work? List all. *
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3A. If a dancer which style(s) of dance? List all. *
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4. What workspace do you use and for what purpose? Select primary option per row. Scroll over to view all options. *
Photo shoot
Not applicable
At your home or other residence
Music school
Rehearsal space
Studio (photography or recording)
5. What service(s) do you use and how often? Select primary option per row. Scroll over to view all options. *
Every 6 months
As needed (e.g. 1-2 times a year)
Not Applicable
Dance studio
Recording studio
Post Production studio (film/video)
Rehearsal space
Photography studio
6. What time of day do you typically reserve your creative workspace? Select primary time. *
7. Based on your creative profession what type(s) of resources or services do you feel are needed? Check all that apply. *
8. When seeking services how important are the following factors to you? Scroll over to view all options. *
Not important
Somewhat important
Extremely important
Acoustics within the space
Air Conditioning
Column free space
Computer access
Courteous and knowledgeable staff
Equipment available for use (gear, instruments)
Full-time facility staffing
Storage - temporary/overnight (e.g. gear, equipment, instruments)
Near public transportation
Near parking
Rental rate (price)
Size of space
Soundproofing between spaces
WI-FI / internet accessibility
9. Are you able to find workspaces in NYC that fit your priorities? *
10. How important is it for you to use the same workspace on a continuous basis? *
11. If you answered Very or Somewhat, please explain why. *
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12. What is the major challenge finding suitable affordable space in NYC? *
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13. What price range do you typically pay for services? Select one option per row. Scroll over to view all options. *
$10 - $20 per hour
$25 - $40 per hour
$45 - $75 per hour
over $500 per hour / multi hours
Not Applicable
Event space
Office space
Post-production (audio, video)
Rehearsal space
Studio space
14. When seeking rehearsal services is there one feature you need, but is not currently offered? What is it? *
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15. How do you learn about workspaces and/or services? Check all that apply. *
16. How far will you travel for your desired services? Select one option. *
17. What range best reflects your individual income? *
18. Gender *
19. Age *
20. How did you find out about the survey? *
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