TheRussianTiger College Scholarship (Application)
This scholarship is given to a high school student entering college or an enrolled college student who is passionate about dancing and is pursuing a career in a field outside of dance. TheRussianTiger is a passionate dancer, but is pursuing a career as a research scientist. Through this application, show what you are passionate about and TheRussianTiger might help pay for your education! Early applications are encouraged, don’t wait until the deadline!

<b>Award Details:</b>
- Award Amount: $500 USD
- Number of award given out per year: 1
- Application deadline: Jan 30th, 2013
- Decision by: Feb 10th, 2013

<b>Application Summary:</b>
- Fill out this form.
- Answer two essay questions (400-500 words each)
- Submit your High School or College transcript
- Submit a YouTube dance video
- After submission, you will be contacted about a telephone Interview

Your Email Address:
Date of Birth (Month/Day/Year)
Home Address (Street, City, Zip, Coutry)
Name of high school attended & year of graduation
Are you currently enrolled in a college or university? Is yes, what school?
Intended Major:
Desired future career:
The most important part of this application is the essay questions. This is where I get to learn more about you as a person. The essay questions below are not judged on writing ability, but on how well you demonstrate passion for your field of study, your goals and aspirations, and how dance has influenced you. Instead of writing, you can also create 3 minute YouTube videos addressing the questions below. For written essays, please answer the two questions below in 400-500 words each:
1.) What is your intended major in college and what are your goals and aspirations? Demonstrate that you are passionate and motivated through examples from your own life.
2.) “Why do you dance and how has it influenced you as a person? Please include details about your journey as a dancer from when you began dancing to today.
Place your link below. You do not have to make a video especially for this scholarship, any past video recorded within the last 1 year will be accepted. Video is not primarily judged on dancer’s ability. Video must be longer than 60 seconds. Popping is the preferred style but all dance styles will be considered.
YouTube Video Link:
Please submit an unofficial copy of your high school transcript if you are entering college, or your college transcript if you are already enrolled. Please take a picture or screen shot and email it to If you are selected as the recipient, official grades will need to be verified directly from the school before any money is received.
I am sending...
Simply click submit below to send your application. Do not send it in parts, this entire page containing all your materials (except the trascript, which is emailed seperately) must be sumbnitted together. Applicants can be from any country, any age. No purchase necessary. If you have any questions please email:

DEADLINE is JAN 30th 2013, 11:59PM EST (This includes the emailed transcript, sorry no exceptions)
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