Workshop Sign-Up: Creating Interactive Adaptive Real-Time Story Worlds. ICIDS 2018
Saturday, December 8th 14-1730.
@ ICIDS 2018
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Let's just for a moment pretend that we have the HoloDeck.
And that It is somewhere, here on campus.
What are we going to do with it?
Hamlet? A ghost bus tour? Little Red RidingHood? WestWorld? or being Lost in the Desert?

How are we going to exploit the potential of the upcoming technologies to create engaging story worlds with a purpose which adapts to the participants/players/users/audiences in real-time?

Those of you, who participate will conceptualize Interactive Adaptive Real-Time Story Worlds in order to identify the challenges and possible solutions for the endeavour that lies ahead of us...


So let's pretend that someone out there has solved all possible technological challenges which we face when building a Story World.
Then Imagine such an interactive story world where it is possible to roam freely and experience entities and events, which are based on your behavior in real-time.
In such open world experiences, the narrative understanding may emerge through the participant's / user’s individual actions e.g. in an interactive digital story world, where the experience is adapted to the user in real-time.

In this workshop, you will be introduced to the concept of Interactive Adaptive Real-Time Story Worlds (iARTs) and you will explore the potential of such experiences by creating your own concepts through a number of hands-on workshop activities. These activities will contain the conceptualization of various story worlds (e.g. lifeless worlds, interactive worlds, worlds with entities, engaging worlds and worlds driven by the latest technologies). The concepts may later be used as inspiration for multiple purposes, for example learning, communication, entertainment or simulation.

One of the challenges of the workshop is:
How can the user's engagement in an interactive non-linear adaptive real-time free-roaming open storyworld - e.g. as the one exemplified in Unity’s ‘Book of the Dead’ project [1] - be maintained by a ‘world builder’ without the use of traditional linear dramaturgy and game mechanics?

Participants will also meet like-minded scholars and practitioners with the potential of future international collaborations within this field. Furthermore, the community initiated at this workshop will be invited for future workshops, events and summits concerned with the VIZARTs project, funded by the Nordic Film Fund.
The goal of ViZARTS project is to utilize the real-time possibilities of game engines to help filmmakers envision and develop new forms of (interactive) storytelling.
You can become part of ViZARTS by joining the group on Facebook:

Potential participants are interactive digital storytelling scholars and practitioners, film directors, VFX creators, game designers and -developers, programmers, asset creators, media companies etc.

No preparation is needed.

If you are engaged in other activities on the 8th of December, you are very welcome to join the first stage (2-3.30PM) or the second stage (4-5.30PM).
However, you will of course get most out of participating all afternoon ;-)

Please sign up below.

Looking forward to creating adaptive real-time story worlds with you,
Henrik Schoenau-Fog and Bjarke Alexander Larsen


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From the Real-Time rendered short film "Book of the Dead" (Unity Demo Team, 2018)
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