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4C Air, Inc. Testing Report
4C Air is capable of testing the filtration efficiency and pressure drop of samples, consistent with the filtration efficiency test used for NIOSH N95. Tests will be conducted with a TSI 8130A "Automated Filter Tester", using NaCl as the aerosol (0.26 um mass mean diameter, 0.075 um count median diameter). For mask samples, 4C Air can perform a loading test to determine the minimum efficiency, if necessary. Mask samples will be tested using 85 L/min flow rate. To get an accurate test to determine mask quality, it is preferred to test >3 masks/brand. Samples will NOT be preconditioned at 4C Air (85 ± 5% RH and 38 ± 2.5°C for 25 hours). It is the customer's responsibility to precondition the samples if necessary.

Masks after the test will not be returned to the sender, unless there are specific needs. The filtration test will require removal of the elastic straps to ensure proper sealing of the mask on the filter tester.

4C Air does not have the capability to test the fitting of samples. For samples that are filtration media and not in a mask form, it is preferred if the sample size can exceed 5×5 inches (~13×13 cm).
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[READ FIRST] Testing similar to NPPTL's Respirator Assessment
The CDC/NIOSH's NPPTL (National Personal Protection Laboratory) has been using a modified testing procedure used to assess international non-NIOSH respirators.This includes testing 10 respirators and loading them with aerosol for 10 minutes. The initial filtration efficiency (or particle penetration), initial pressure drop (resistance), and minimum filtration efficiency during the loading procedure (maximum particle penetration) are recorded. As these measurements contain the initial and some of the loading measurements, we do not suggest submitting the initial and loading tests, if you choose to proceed with this testing method. More information can be found on the website: Please enter the number of BRANDS of respirators you wish to test. Each brand/type of respirator will require 15 individual respirators to be sent to 4C Air.
Number of initial filtration property tests
[IF YOU DO NOT WANT TO TEST USING THE NPPTL PROCEDURE] This tests provides the initial filtration efficiency and pressure drop (at a flow rate of 85 L/min for masks and 32 L/min for filtration media, or otherwise requested). Please state the TOTAL number of samples (mask/material number × number of replicates requested).
Number of loading tests
[IF YOU DO NOT WANT TO TEST USING THE NPPTL PROCEDURE] Under N95 approval conditions, samples are subjected to additional NaCl aerosols, as it will typically reduce the initial filtration efficiency. For this case, please state the number of masks/samples to tests.
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