EE6361-Advanced Topics in VLSI Class Quiz
Gated Feedback Sense Amplifier
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Q1. The problem with the 3T micro sense family is that
Q2. If the cell capacitance is 20fF and the drain capacitance of the access device is 250 aF. The ratio of read times of a system with 32 BLs and that with 128 BLs is
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Q3. In SOI technology based eDRAM, you should pre-discharge the LBL to GND because of
Q4. The logic one voltage level of BLMUX in a Gated Feedback Sense Amp (GSA) should be
Q5. In the above the VT type of the BLMUX NMOS should be
Q6. SETPn and SETP are respectively used in a GSA to
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