2021-07-20 My ViewPoint Survey
2021-07-20 My ViewPoint Survey
What is something you would notice right away if it were missing?
Give a household rule that a parent might set.
Name a table manner.
Give a vegetable topping for pizza.
Name a movie Jim Carey has starred in.
Give a teen movie franchise.
What is something you should not rush to do?
What is something you want to make sure you lock up?
What is something you might see happen on a soap opera?
Give a U.S city that gets very cold in the winter
It would be hard to follow a recipe if it was missing what?
Give a woman's name that starts with the letter “L”.
If you were trying to get over a fear of heights, what might you do?
Give a Disney princess that found a prince.
Give the name of a major U.S airport.
What might you ask in a tarot card reading?
Give an activity you need to have a good balance for?
Give an actress whose first name is Jennifer.
What is something you would see someone doing in a nightclub?
How many drawers do you expect an average bedroom dresser to have?
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