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Please read the following membership descriptions before continuing in order to make sure you qualify for membership.  Each application for membership is subject to approval by the ISCV Board before further action can take place.  jazak Allahu khayran.

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ISCV By-Laws:
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 Please state the name of the Masjid and City in this format:  (Masjid, City). If ISCV is your primary  masjid, write "ISCV."
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NOTE:  All memberships require a one time $5 refundable deposit for a key fob.
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Note:  if one is not able to pay for regular membership but would still like to be a regular member, you are able to be a regular member at NO charge.
One of the simplest ways, and one of the most overlooked ways of securing the masjid, is to make sure that the door behind me is closed when I enter or exit the masjid.  As a member of ISCV, and as a key fob holder for the masjid, I will do my best to make sure that I keep the building secure by following this simple yet very effective policy.  
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