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Thank you for your interest in volunteering to Host a minimum of two Young American cast members! Your generous act of housing and feeding your YAs allows students grades 3rd-12th in our community to participate in a very positive and fun workshop experience, at a very reasonable price.

The YA cast who is coming to Acton is a group of 45 college-aged individuals: 24 females and 20 males, plus 1 male director.

Please complete and submit this Sign Up Form as soon as possible. Once you've submitted the form, I will be contacting you soon to confirm details. As a “Thank You” for opening your home, you will receive 2 free VIP tickets to see the final show on Saturday, March 16th, 7:00-9:15PM at Vasquez HS.

Please reach out (social media! Facebook!) to anyone else you know in the community who has guest bedrooms/ empty bedrooms, air mattresses, spare couch, RV, etc. (kids away at college; moved out; retired, etc.) who might be interested in being one of our amazing host families by sharing this online form link with them, and other forms/ flyer information to help us promote this activity.
Here is a short video about what it's like to be a YA Homestay Family:



Amy Ciceri
Vasquez HS Performing Arts

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