Kaibigang Pilipin@'s 25th Annual High School Conference Pre-Registration Form

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    You Da Real MVP

    Thank you for your interest in attending Kaibigang Pilipin@'s 25th Annual High School Conference! On January 30, 2016 at UCSD, you will be able to partake in a day full of activities, workshops, and fun that will focus on giving you the knowledge and resources that will enable you to not only inform you on college and higher education as a whole and the importance of it in today's society, but also help you achieve it in your endeavors. We, the staff of HSC, acknowledge that in every person's path to reaching their potential there are important roles and decisions one must make as well as those who help. We realize your importance in your life as well as the shaping of others. Lastly, we look forward to seeing you at HSC and witness the greatness you can achieve!