2020-2021 Musical Maestros & Little Virtuosos Music Lesson Enrollment Form
Schaumburg Christian School offers music lessons for Preschool, Pre-Kindergarten, and Kindergarten students. If your child is in one of these classes and you would like him/her to take advantage of these music lessons, please complete this form.
General Information
1. Please complete one form per child.
2. 24 Group lessons @ $384 for the school year (invoiced monthly)
3. Lessons begin in November
4. Lessons are given in 30-minute increments
Other Financial Information
1. No refunds or make-up lessons will be given for unexcused absences or school cuts.
2. Music changes (i.e. dropped lessons) will be effective the first of the following month. A Music Drop form must be completed by the parent and turned in to the school office.
3. Please note that music lessons taken during Extended Care hours will also incur Extended Care fees. No financial credit will be given.
Student Information
Student's First Name *
Student's Last Name *
Lesson Options
Group Lessons will either be scheduled during the class time or possibly during Extended Care if your student attends Extended Care.
Choose Your Child's Lesson Category *
Scheduling Information
The following information will help to determine the best time to schedule your child's lesson.
What days does your child attend school? *
Is your child half-day or full-day? *
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Parent/Guardian Information
By typing your name on the line below, you are acknowledging that you are the parent/guardian and approve the information given on this form.
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