Welcome to the Encrybit Cryptocurrency Exchange Evaluation Survey
Hello All,

After achieving success of first survey with more than 1000 participants, Encrybit - The Researched-based Cryptocurrency trading platform is here with the second survey. As a part of our project, we are conducting the 2nd survey to collect exhaustive details on advanced cryptocurrency trading features, traders’ personal preferences towards trading platforms. That will help us to implement the advanced features and functionality on the 'Traders’ Exchange - Encrybit'. This Survey will live till 27th July, 2018.

Let's aware with the big reward structure - Random selection of 1300 participants. Please review survey rewards,
- 1st Winner — BTC worth $500
- 2nd Winner — BTC worth $300
- 3rd Winner — BTC worth $100
- 4th Winner — XRP worth $75
- 5th Winner — XRP worth $50
- 6th to 16th Winning positions — XRP worth $25 Each
- 17th to 1300th Winning positions — Encrybit token worth $15 Each

Points to Note:

1. All the questions are mandatory.

2. We'll announce the winners on our Telegram channel and Twitter.

3. We'll distribute the BTC & XRP to the randomly selected winners within 30 days of survey submitted.

4. 17th to 1300th randomly selected winner candidate will get Encrybit tokens once ICO launch successfully. Please make sure you have shared your ERC20 MyEtherWallet address. Kindly be a part of Encrybit Telegram group to receive Airdrop.

5. Top 3 winning positions will have to share their BTC wallet address, 4th to 16th will have to share their XRP wallet address, and the rest will have to share their ERC20 MyEtherWallet address to receive the reward.

Need help to understand any survey question and term? Please review survey guideline to know about the detailed explanation of specific survey terms at https://bit.ly/2mmUwRK.

Have a happy survey and wish you good luck for the $500 worth of BTC!!!

Basic details about yourself
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Trading Preference
1. Which type of Cryptocurrency Exchange do you trade on? *
2. How many cryptocurrency exchanges have you signed up for? *
3. According to you, which feature will reduce crypto trading difficulties for beginners? *
4. Have you ever place your trade bases on order book’s potentials position? *
5. Would you like to get alert on sudden increase and decrease in coin price *
6. Would you like to receive the latest news and updates about your invested Coin on the exchange? *
7. Detail order book helps you to get quick position in the crypto market? *
8. Your preferable way to trade is via *
9. Would like to have the nominee functionality on exchange? *
10. Do you prefer to have details about your overall profit/loss on the dashboard? *
11. According to you, which is the most important factor while choosing a cryptocurrency exchange? *
12. Do you think multiple chart of different time span on single screen should be available on exchange *
13. How you manage your risk while entering in trade? *
15. Have you ever trap in false breakouts? *
16. Is 'Social Trading' feature helpful for cryptocurrency market? *
17. For Day trading in cryptocurrency, have you ever used Crypto scanner? *
18. Before entering Crypto Market, is the use of simulators or Paper trading useful? *
19. How do you place a stop loss in the crypto market? *
20. Do you think that Risk management is the only key to success in the Crypto Market? *
21. Are you keeping a log of your everyday trades in paper or excel? *
22. Is keeping yourself updated with the latest news and social activities for specific coins helpful to you for getting directional trade? *
23. Real-time chat with trader’s community for different tokens and coins are helpful for you to in and out from the existing trades. *
24. Are you aware of multiple market stop loss? *
25. Have you ever traded with Trailing Stop Loss? *
26. How do you create your position for specific coins/tokens? *
27. Which technical Indicator are you using most of the time? *
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