Spotlight Sunday
My Slanted Bookish Ramblings is opening up a new feature on the blog called Spotlight Sunday!! I am so excited to be starting this feature and hope it will not only bring in new readers of my blog, but also for you authors! This is open to traditionally published as well as self-published authors.

Spotlight Sunday will be a promotion of you as well as one of your books. Within this, a review will be written for your book (your choice of which one or more if you choose), a potential for an author interview (if you wish to participate in one) as well as a possible giveaway. This feature will be cross promoted on the blog, as well as our Twitter and Instagram page to gain more exposure.

What is required of you for this feature:
1) A paperback or hardcover copy of your book sent to me in Canada (This is for the purpose of photographing it and posting to Instagram and Twitter for more exposure. I am hoping to extend this feature to include ebooks soon)

What you gain out of this feature:
1) Exposure to you as an author as well as added exposure to your books
2) A potential author interview to allow readers to gain an insight as to you as an author
3) A review written for you book and cross promoted to my blog, Barnes and Noble and Amazon

To view examples of previous Spotlight Sunday blog posts please refer to

Photos taken for Spotlight Sunday can be viewed on my Instagram: @bookramblings and Twitter: @slantedrambling

We will contact you to confirm your request. If you need more information our email is
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