PSR Registration 2018-2019
4K-8th Grade: Sunday from 10 until 10:50 AM
Confirmation Class (9th grade -2nd Year): Sunday from 10 until 10:50 AM
*If your child attended PSR last year and is in the 3rd grade or higher, they will have to attend an extra class to prepare for First Communion and Reconciliation this year. These classes are in ADDITION to the regular PSR class and will be announced at a later date.
**1st Year confirmation students who are over 16: Time and Date to be announced
****We are going to a 3 year Confirmation Prep. That means if your child attended 8th grade last year, they will be in their 2nd year prep this year and receive Confirmation in 2020. They are currently on track.
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Please put the grade your child will be in when school starts in August 2018.
My child attended PSR during the 2017-2018 school year. *
If your child did not attend PSR during the school year 2017-2018 then they will NOT receive a sacrament this year. If they registered, but missed more than 10% or 3 classes during the year, they will NOT receive a sacrament this year.
My child attended PSR last year AND will be receiving 1st Communion this year in May 2018. NOTE: In order to receive First Communion in May 2019, your child must have attended PSR last year (2017-2018school year) *
My child attended PSR last year AND will be confirmed in May 2020. Note: In order to be confirmed, your child must be in the 10th grade or higher and have attended PSR for 3 consecutive years. Furthermore, they must not miss more than 10% of the classes or 3 Sundays during each year. THERE IS NO CONFIRMATION CLASS FOR 2019. *
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Your donation covers books and supplies for the PSR school year of 2018-2019. Please check which donation time you prefer. *
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Baptismal Certificate
If your child is receiving a sacrament in 2019, then a COPY or your child's baptismal certificate MUST BE GIVEN TO THE DRE on or before FEBRUARY 1, 2019. If it is not in the DRE's office by then, your child may not be able to receive the sacrament because we will not have the information needed to process the sacramental information, record the information, make certificates, and send the information to the original parish.
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