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Sign up today to become a Modzi Arts member! You will enjoy many benefits while supporting the growth of the multi-disciplinary art scene in Zambia.
What we offer
The Membership at Modzi Arts offers the use of Modzi Arts facilities (library resources, gallery, tools, kitchen etc.), the opportunity to take part in Modzi Arts educational events (trainings, workshops, master classes), access to working and rehearsal space (studio, indoor/outdoor space), support in application writing and opportunities for art exchange programmes within Africa and beyond, and free admission to cultural events (concerts, plays, performances etc.).

All members will become part of the growing Modzi Arts community and will have the opportunity meet, network and collaborate with each other throughout the year. Members can act as mentors and teachers to pass on skills and also request for a mentor. We will do our best to connect you when you need it.

We are committed to developing our members and will always be present to support you when using our space.
Who can apply?
Performing and Visual Artists at any point in their career, and working in any medium (music, dance, theatre, painting, sculpture, mixed media, video, photography, installations, and others) are welcome to submit an application.

Those interested in attending art and culture related events, concerts, exhibitions and wanting to support the sustainability of Modzi Arts and our efforts in providing the space and advancement of multi-disciplinary arts and artists in Zambia.
How to apply?
We encourage in-person applications along with the google form sign up. You will need to visit our space to pick up our membership card and sign our membership agreement.
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Account holder: Modzi Arts
Bank name: First National Bank Zambia Limited (FNB)
Branch Name: Commercial Branch
Branch Code: 260001
Account number: 62604973497
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Please provide a brief description (artist statement or artist biography) about your arts practice such as working method, what inspires you, what motivates you as an artist, etc (max 200 words). Please include if you are an individual artist or you are a member of a performing arts group (such as a band).
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How much of your time do you spend on your art and job?
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Thank you for joining Modzi Arts we value your support!
For more information contact:
Physical Address: Plot nr 559/M Ibex Hill Road, Ibex Hill
Mobile: +260 (955) 78 3992 (ZM)
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