Air Convention 2019 Q&A - HR & Training and Customer Experience
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HR & Training
Indre Sveistryte, Spread your Wings - Pilot Psychological Assessment on the cusp of Commission Regulation (EU) 2018/1042
Panel discussion - The future aircraft engineer: perspectives from Airlines and MROs
Kim Kian Wee, IATA - The importance of industry certification for training. Greater recognition for employees and organizations
Leyla Dençeli, Turkish Airlines - Teaching methods and formats for dangerous goods regulations (DGR) training
Enrique Paredes-Gacimartín, BGS - A corporate culture that creates value for clients. How did we do that?
Karolis Cepukas, Kaunas Aircraft Maintenance Services (KAMS) - Winning the desired employees
Laura Buitkuviene, BGS - A corporate culture that creates value for clients. How did we do that?
Customer Experience
Fabio Zaffalon, Vueling Airlines - Studying the framework of customer-centric approach in order to build efficient client-centered environment, develop customer loyalty and increase revenue
Huseyin Ceyhan, Turkish Cargo - Building strong online presence: new opportunities for aviation
Roberto Castiglioni, RMR Limited - The future of airport assistance: how the inclusive airport will turn challenges into opportunities
Tokushi Kojima, MAG (Manchester Airports Group) - Airport infrastructure: due diligence approach
Seyhan Güver, Turkish Airlines - New approaches to marketing and increased competitiveness of the market
Oguzan Crrah, Turkish Cargo - Strategic Cooperation in Air Cargo Industry
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