Nominating for the Muslim Women in Sport Power List 2020
Do you know a remarkable Muslim woman in sport?

This Power List showcases and provides a platform for the global community of Muslim Women in Sport. With every edition of this Power List we avidly search for the most influential, deserving and inspiring talent, and we encourage you to kindly nominate potential Power List members.

You can nominate any Muslim woman working in sport, voluntarily or in a paid capacity, for the Power List. The criteria we use when judging for the list is our definition of influence: the ability to affect positive change in the lives of others directly and indirectly through their own actions and words, as demonstrated over an extended period of time, and PARTICULARLY DURING 2018.

The 2019 edition of the Muslim Women in Sport Power List saw over 200 nominations from across the world (see the final list here - The position and influence of Muslim women in sport on the global stage has never been greater or more important and you could influence the recognition of these women and help shine a positive light on their achievements.

The final Power List will be chosen by a panel of experts from across the world after assessment of the nominations received and will be launched in January 2020.

***Deadline for nominations is Midnight GMT 31 January 2020***


About the MWSN

The Mission of MWSN is to amplify the voices of Muslim women in sport and inspire globally.

Muslim women around the world have been and are actively engaging in sport at various levels as athletes, program managers, journalists, coaches, administrators, researchers, executives, and entrepreneurs. Often the discourse, when engaging with Muslim women in sport is focused around dress-code and overcoming cultural and religious barriers. Decisions made around policy, program design and engagement related to Muslim women in sport is void of any consultation or meaningful engagement and leadership from Muslim women. It is time Muslim women instruct decision and policymakers on what it means to be a Muslim woman in sport and shed light into the diversity of Muslim women.

In March 2017, Muslim women around the world committed to creating a ‘Global Home for Muslim Women in Sport.’ The group is led by Muslim women from around the world who are actively involved in sport from various disciplines and are advancing the status and recognition of the role that Muslim women play in sport.
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