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What are you hobbies? What makes you tick? What do you do for fun? Tell us things that you are passionate about (other than kids and babysitting, we will get to that). Let your personality shine through..
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Please assess your skills honestly. Should you work with SCCC, we can help you get the experience you need.
Not comfortable
Still learning
Have experience but need practice
I could train people
Diapers (including Cloth)
Warming and giving a bottle
Toddler Meltdowns & Tantrums
Separation Anxiety
Sibling Negotiations
Helping with Homework
Driving children to and from activities
Dealing with nervous parents
Special needs (Autism, cerebral palsy, ADHD)
Medical concerns (Diabetes care, medicine admin)
Administering CPR and First Aid
Working with a team.
Swiss Cheese Childcare is more than just an on-line babysitter registry. We are a community of sitters that work together. Please answer the following questions with this in mind..
How did you hear about Swiss Cheese Childcare? *
If it was through a friend, let us know their name so that we can thank them.
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What is your experience working with others toward a goal? What was great about it? What was hard? *
We are looking for specific examples and experiences. Sports count.
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What talents would you bring to a collective table? *
All SCCC sitters contribute (either financially or in work trade) to the collective. What ideas or skills could you share?
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Wrapping it up.
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