"THANK YOU" Medical Mask Drive
The Good Shepherds Foundation is working hard to support the community during the COVID-19 pandemic. There is a medical supply shortage and masks are one of the main things that are needed to protect people working in hospitals and medical care of all kinds. GSF has been working with community members to make medical masks out of fabric and linens in the likeness of an N-95 design. All are handmade and machine washable.

We are asking that if you are requesting a mask for an individual that you limit to one per person. Larger orders (which we ask you try to keep between 10-15 at this time) are for facilities or staffing teams working in direct contact with patient care. We are trying to fulfill requests for people who are working directly with COVID-19 patients first, and then other more top priority scenarios. There is a national shortage, and we are trying to provide for those who need a mask immediately. Please explain in your response what you need your mask for so we can fulfill requests accordingly.

This is a form for you to let us know how many masks you need for yourself, your team, plan to donate, etc. You will be contacted once your request has been fulfilled, we thank you for your patience during this very high-energy time in the world. A drive-by, safe, and clean pick up time will be coordinated for a location in Auburn, NH. The address/time of pick-up will be given to you once your request is prepared.

We will try our best to fulfill all requests, but please note that we might not be able to do all of them. If a request is placed that is too large, we will let you know what we can work out. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

Please contact jenn@goodshepherdsfoundation.org or ethan@goodshepherdsfoundation.org if you have any questions.
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Please provide a number below. We ask that if you are an individual getting a mask for yourself that you keep your number to 3 or less in order to make sure all those who need one can get one. As of right now, larger requests may not get all that they are requesting. We assume we may have enough to give people with larger requests between 10-15 for right now.
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If you have any other ideas, thoughts, info, etc. to share, please let us know. We would love your feedback!
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