Week 34 of Laws of the Game test - questions by Dutch Referee Blog
Refsworld UK has made some referee goodies available for Dutch Referee Blog's Laws of the Game Quizzes. The monthly prize will (randomly) be alloted to one of the contestants who scored the most points in a particular month. If you want your weekly scores to be summed up, make sure you write down the same email address and user name every week.

NB: if you only want to practice the Laws of the Game you don't have to fill out the user name and email address.

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1. The assistant referee signals to the referee that the ball has completely crossed the line. Before the referee stops the game for a throw-in he notices that a player punches an opponent inside his own penalty area. What does the referee decide? *
2. After scoring a goal, a player must NOT be cautioned for [...] after scoring a goal. Fill in the blank. *
3. A goalkeeper wants to kick the ball, but it slips out of his hands. An attacker runs towards the ball and the goalkeeper, who's in his goal area, is just able to punch the ball away, just before the attacker is able to kick the ball. How does the referee need to restart play? *
4. A player lifts a free kick with both feet simultaneously. What does the referee decide? *
5. At a throw-in a player keeps standing on the touchline without doing anything for a while. The referee whistles and shows hime a yellow card for time-wasting. How does play need to be restarted? *
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