Garfield Park Conservatory West Side School Partnership Application - Year 2
Thank you to current partners for being part of the first year of this program! We hope to bring you along to Year 2. Benefits in the second year include many benefits from year one, plus

-Field Trip Day: Your school will be the only school visiting on a day of your choice.
-Free lunch room: Reserve our lunch room free of charge.
-Free activity: Bring your students to a staff-facilitated STEM activity during your field trip, for free. Your students will participate in an NGSS-aligned hands-on experience.
-Resource backpacks: Starting in the fall of 2019. Check out a free backpack full of materials related to your field trip, designed with GPC materials and activities.
-Teacher Night at the Conservatory: This exclusive opportunity will only be extended to teachers in our partner schools. Faculty, staff, and administration will be invited to the Garfield Park Conservatory to learn how to best use our resources with your students. You will also receive a free tour of our collection, courtesy of our staff.
-Professional Development for Teachers: Come to the Garfield Park Conservatory to learn more about NGSS and STEM!
-Discounted family memberships: Your school families will have the opportunity to receive free family memberships to the Conservatory.
-Bus Scholarships: based on your school’s need, we will offer scholarships for up to 6 field trip buses to all partner schools.
-Free rental of GPC space: Hold one small weekday school event, such as a back to school kickoffs or luncheon, at the Conservatory. Rentals will be determined on a case by case basis, and we will help you determine which of your school’s events can happen here.

Please fill out the questions below and send the completed application, as well as any questions to Applications for the 2019-2020 school year are due on June 5th, 2019.

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Who were all of the contacts for Year 1 of partnership? Please list all involved school staff from Year 1. *
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Who will be the primary contacts for Year 2 of partnership? We would like to keep the same contacts as much as possible. Please list three to five school staff members who will be the partnership program contacts. *
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What are current needs you have in the field of science instruction? Please be as specific as possible. (For example: lack of labs, lack of phenomena/hands on experiences, lack of nonfiction reading about phenomena, etc…) *
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For your students with specific learning needs, what resources or experiences would be helpful for them on a field trip? (For example: hands on, sensory experiences, quiet spaces, etc…) *
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