HDR Cattle Dogs Puppy/Dog Application
If you are interested in a puppy/dog from HDR Cattle Dogs, please fill out this puppy inquiry form as a way of introducing yourself and/or family to us, giving us information about you before we contact you by telephone. This form also explains what kind of homes we choose to place out puppies in.

Our first priority is that our puppies live full and happy lives in a home with people who love them. We try our best to place puppies only in the most loving and responsible homes and the form helps us in that process. Our puppies will always comeback to us if they need to be re-homed- or to homes that we have approved who are willing to sign and honor our puppy contract.

All puppies are sold on a spay and neuter contract unless otherwise agreed upon.

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Name and contact information for your veterinarian. *
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Do you have other pets and if so please list breeds and ages, neutered or spayed or if not, why not. *
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Have you ever owned a heeler before? If so please tell us about him or her. *
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Do you have any children? Ages? *
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Do you live rural, suburban or in a city? *
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Is there a particular colour and/or sex preferred?
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Are you planning on taking this puppy to obiedience school? *
Is someone home during the day at your house? Please describe the living situation for the puppy. How many hours would the dog be left alone? If no one is home during the days would you plan for someone to come into your home to let the puppy in and out during the potty training stage? *
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Where would the puppy spend his or her time day/nights? Inside or Outside? *
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Do you agree to have this puppy spayed or neutered? *
Are you concerned about shedding or allergies? *
If you can no longer care for the dog do you agree to return it to us? *
Do you have specific questions or comments? We will call you after receipt of this application. Please be patient, a new litter of puppies absolutely consumes our time for the first few weeks and time for phoning is scarce, but we will get to you as soon as we can. Thank-you for your inquiry and for your patience.
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