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Wednesday, 30th June 2021 from 19:00-20:30
Main artist - Next Generation Artists; Tom Harris, Nishla Smith, Aaron Wood & James Girling

Spotlight Concert featuring talented young musicians from Cheshire.

We'll also be catching up with local music education specialist, Grace Barber in our interval feature.

Sandbach Concert Series is a Registered Charity no:1166321. We host 8 concerts per season in Sandbach and we are currently in our 10th season.

The format of our concerts are unique in that we provide the opportunity for young people to perform in front of a paying audience and professional artists who excel in their chosen instruments. We give our audience an opportunity to hear world class artists perform live in our town. We contribute to our community by showcasing local art and supporting local good causes.

We re-create our online concerts following our traditional format but in a slightly shortened and condensed way using the Zoom platform at this time until we can all meet again in person in Sandbach. Please visit our website to see who has performed for us in previous seasons and the format of our concerts

**online 'doors open' from 6.30pm - please click on the link in your email and join the Zoom meeting. You will be put into a virtual 'waiting room' during this time. It is important that you join from this time as this will allow our admin time to process who is in attendance.
**Spotlight concert starts at 7pm - Our host will welcome everyone. Then it will be over to our young musicians who will perform for 15 minutes
**virtual interval for 5 minutes. Normally at our concerts we would hold an art exhibition by local artists and we would raise money for local good causes. We will host a 5 minute spot during our virtual interval to highlight a group or individual from our local community.
**Concert by our guest musician - for 45 minutes

All audience microphones will be muted during the concerts except for our spotlight musicians and guest musician. We have an excellent community spirit at our concerts and we are hoping that this may help to virtually continue that.

This event will be broadcast live on Zoom and not streamed onto social media. If you are late to attend, you will find yourself in the virtual waiting room and you will need to wait for an admin to 'admit' you into the concert.

Anyone will be able to attend our online concerts, but as places are limited we will be allocating online attendance slots to our regular audience and season ticket holders as a matter of priority.

If you are not a season ticket holder we would ask you to consider leaving a donation to the concert series (if you are able to) after the concert. We rely on our ticket income to keep our concert series going.

Please fill in this form and we encourage you to forward this to anyone else you know of who either normally attends our concerts, or you think would enjoy our concerts.

We very much welcome new audience members who would like to experience the concerts that we host here in the beautiful historic market town of Sandbach in Cheshire.

Email invites will be sent out on Tuesday 29th June
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