Young Economists' Policy Initiative - International Round
The expansion of connectivity within the ASEAN stimulates economic growth and development through enhanced trade, investment, innovation and tourism. In fact, the Master Plan on ASEAN Connectivity 2025 defines connectivity as the synchronization in physical, institutional and people-to-people interlinkages; connectivity is the impetus to attaining competitive and inclusive growth, as well as a collective and individual development for the ASEAN countries. The ASEAN must reinforce its centrality and unity in order to stay relevant in the changing global landscape. Certainly, connectivity is the ASEAN’s best alternative to promote progress and regional breakthrough.

ASEAN Connectivity implies a goal of harmonization between member states that transcends borders and cultures, all for the benefit of the region. As such, mechanisms must be instituted to ensure that ASEAN Connectivity does not detract from national sentiments and concerns. Additional measures are also necessary to ensure that stakeholders in a domestic country, most importantly the marginalized will not be left behind. To aid in the progress of such measures, the Young Economists Convention invites interested participants to join the Young Economists’ Policy Initiative – International Round. This will bring together future leaders to create policy proposals geared towards catalyzing change through comprehensive and persuasive arguments. The Policy Initiative aims to expose participants to the policy-making environment and also to foster awareness, instigate engagement, and heighten interest in policy-making.
Registration and Confirmation
1. Register on or before 11:59PM, June 9, 2018. [Update] Deadline extended to on or before 11:59PM, June 16, 2018.

2. Registered participants will be contacted via e-mail for all updates and schedules

3. A call to confirm participation may be e-mailed; confirmation of participation is a requirement and non-confirmation may be grounds for deduction or disqualification.

4. The application kit containing the theme write-ups and full prospectus may be downloaded here:
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