Stereotypes about Russians
Please, answer the following questions about Russian people.
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1. Are Russians friendly? Do they like to smile?
2. Are Russians happy people in general?
3. If you approach a Russian stranger in the street and start a small talk, will they engage into such a conversation?
4. Do you think Russians like to drink vodka more than any other alcoholic drink?
5. Is it true that vodka drinking is Russian's favorite pastime?
6. Do you think it is cold in Russia all year round?
7. Are Russian winters long?
8. Do you agree that many Russians want to come back to the USSR?
9. Are Russians always overdressed? Do they like to be glamorous?
10. Are Russians terribly superstitious?
11. Do you know something about Russian grannies (babushkas)? What do you know about them?
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12. Do you agree that all Russians, including government and ordinary people are prone to giving and taking bribes?
13. Do you think that Russian police have their crafty ways of working with offenders, especially car drivers? E.g.: in a bush along the road
14. Are Russians self-critical? Do you think that they are not afraid of mocking themselves?
15. Is it true that in Russia it is considered impolite to express strong emotions around strangers (especially loudly)?
16. Is it true that Russians hate Americans? Or any other nations?
17. Has Russia specific gender roles? Is it true that in Russia men are meant to be chivalrous and hardworking while women are expected to be caretakers in the home?
18. Are Russian women beautiful?
19. What do Russian parents feel for their children? Is there tremendous affection for children in Russia or are parents strict to them?
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20. Is it true that Russians are far more interested in the personal side of your character than in your business agenda?
21. Do you agree that Russians love extending compliments?
22. Is it true that Russian laws are stable in both interpretation and application?
23. Are Russians respectful of line-ups (queues)?
24. Do Russians respect their senior generation?
25. Is it true that there are some Russian people that still think Communism was a good idea?
26. Are Russians disciplined? Are they serious, hardworking?
27. Do you think that Russians are hospitable?
28. Do Russians have a vivid imagination?
29. Do you agree that “with Russians it is often all or nothing, halfway measures simply do not suffice"?
30. How do you think human feelings count for much in Russia?
31. What is Russians' attitude towards friendship?
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32. Are Russians tolerant of uncertainty or not? Do they like to change their workplace as well as the place of residence?
33. Do you think it is (still) true that Russians prefer having good relationships with people more than much money?
34. Do Russians value generosity more than economy?
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